Custom Modified Commodore 64 for MSSIAH & Prophet64

designed especially to run the prophet64 / MSSIAH TB-303 emulator,
monosynth, Drum machine & sequencer


+ 5" LCD screen + External sound + internally mounted and powered SD2IEC drive - load 64 programs of an SD card! + 4 analogue controllers with on/off switch for each port
+ Contains 8580 SID chip (modular upgradable to Stereo SID2SID - no soldering required)
+ Audio out by 1 x 1/4" mono jack - using this jack port disables the external sound!
+ Also has standard A/V out - for use with a normal C64 DIN A/V cable. + Custom screen and underside labels (Serial # 001)
+ days of work put into it!

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