Custom Modified Commodore 64 Zero Special Edition

C64 Zero Custom Modded Commdore 64 with 6582A SID


+ C64E Motherboard, as removed from an unused C64C
+ 6582A SID Chip, as produced by Commodore in 1992 for the never-released Commodore 65!
+ Custom keyboard graphics with images from C64 games.
+ Custom silver labelling
Topside: Modelled from the 1,000,000 edition gold C64 labels
Underside: As pictured, C64-Zero / Serial number 001
+ Made with all Commodore parts
(except for the colour-cycling power LED - they didn't make those then!)
+ Restored Vic-20 Case with purple & gold side panelling. + Boxed in a "Modded Box" as pictured.

+ Fully functional, though this is really designed as an exhibition piece.
(The sound is exceptionally deep and rich)
+ Scores of hours of design and build time.

Front Right L L

I had a few people ask, after seeing my special edition Prophet 64/MSSIAH mods, if I would do one for the gamers. So I did, and this is the result. This is a one off, I will not make another in this specific style or with the "C64-Zero" model name.