Custom Modified Commodore 64 for MSSIAH & Prophet64

designed especially to run the prophet64 / MSSIAH TB-303 emulator,
monosynth, Drum machine & sequencer

Long shot


+ 4 analogue controllers, with on/off switch
+ Uses the classic and original 6580 SID chip
+ Custom green textured & yellow painted case
+ Audio in/out by 2 x 1/4" jacks
+ Custom designed key graphics with prophet64 + MSSIAH monosynth and bassline functions

+ Custom underside label Serial # 001
+ Full internal metal heatsink cage to reduce interference
+ days of work put into it!

+ Comes with FREE Ableton Live LE - unregistered
so you can register and get a free upgrade to Live Intro !
This software does not run on the C64, but you can use it to record and sequence your tracks.


- The 5th knob has no function - you could add your own!
- The unit is mono, so you can add your own post processing via effects pedals or in a DAW

Audio Samples:

here here here

Video demonstration:


This is not a commercial product, it is home-made, so is not in new mint condition,
and bears some signs of home-made -ness.
I stand by my craftsmanship, still if any problems arise with it I am happy to help.
Free repair on a you-return-to-base basis for 2 years. Email advice & troubleshooting free for life.

+ Posting weight is around 2.7kg  size, 48x23x21cm
+ Buyer pays exact postage + £3 packing.
UK via standard parcels is £8
(that's about £41 to Europe, £61 to Australia)
Check out interparcel, parcelforce, to work out how much for shipping to your location.
Feel free to let me know your preferred courier.
(For domestic shipping, apparently, statistically, standard parcels is safer!)

- prophet64 cart is not included - these are obsolete, the replacement (MSSIAH cart with integrated MIDI port) is now available from
(I can't provide the cart with the unit - that's up to you!)

Screenshots of MSSIAH software - not included, but this is what the machine is designed for.

- power pack is also not included to save on postage, these are readily available on ebay
(if you have real trouble acquiring these post auction please let me know and I am happy to help you out.
I have one lying around that I will include for free)

+ Includes NEOS mouse
+ great support community exists on

any questions, fire away!

Please check out for more of my projects!