Custom Modified Commodore 64 for MSSIAH & Prophet64

designed especially to run the prophet64 / MSSIAH TB-303 emulator,
monosynth, Drum machine & sequencer. Or just to play games..!

I added a third switch since the original photo shoot - there are 2 for the pots, one for the cartridge port


+ 4 analogue controllers with on/off switch for each port
+ Cartridge on/off switch
+ Contains 8580 SID chip (not stereo, so can be used as a normal C64)
+ Zzap! logo and game graphics on the keyboard.
+ Cut down case to maximise desk space!
+ Mean front grill for increased cooling.
+ Matt Black dye & paint job
+ Audio out by 1 x 1/4" mono jack (happy to include RCA adapter for free if reqd)
+ Audio in by 1x 1/4" mono jack + S-Video output + Custom underside label Serial # 001
+ days of work put into it!


- The unit is standard 3-channel C-64 mono with a 1/4" jack output,
so if using it for audio you can add your own post processing via effects pedals or in a DAW
+ Audio input is disabled (grounded) to reduce noise when nothing plugged into the input.

Audio Samples:



Here's a tune I whipped up in 10 mins using sampled sounds from this machine
and drums off a magazine cover CD, on the demo of Ableton Live